How does theLeadBay benefit me as a Lead Generator??

You've generated your leads and are holding them like a little pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, so now what??

Do you hand it to company that has promised the world? Are you mad, that's like handing over your child to a stranger!!

Here's what you need...

- A variation of installers so all your measures are covered. No more finding a 5 bed detached house with unicorns attached to the windows and a magical fairy garden.

- A variation of locations so all your areas are covered. No more wasting leads that aren't within 1.2 miles miles of my Nan's friends neighbours hamsters house!

- A fair way to price your leads, no more getting paid 0.25p then seeing the same installer post on linkedIn 'Offering up to 5p!' Action your leads and decide the reserve YOURSELF!

- Someone to be in the middle to make sure you receive your payment. No more being told that because the client flew over the moon unfortunately your not being paid.

If you'be been a lead gen for over 60 seconds then you will have heard every reason possible for why your not being paid, not anymore!!

When you sell your leads via our platform we take your payment before any data is sent to the purchaser and whats more we will not return a lead due to not being vegan friendly. We require proofs to show us that the lead description is wrong, is that how it should always be anyway?? I mean you turn up to whats supposed to be a 5 bed detached house and its a caravan its not hard to prove!

Wanna sell your table? Stick it on Ebay and find a buyer.

Wanna sell your leads? Stick them on theLeadBay and say good bye to all your ECO-based head aches!

DISCLAIMER We are not responsible for headaches caused by nagging spouses, your on your own there!

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