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LEAD GENERATORS We get asked all the time what our terms are.......... Well...... We offer an auction trading platform for generators to sell their leads whatever they may be across the full UK. You can select a reserve on your lead to ensure you never sell for less than you want. We take 15% of what the lead sells for plus PayPal fees (if applicable). We take payment from purchase company upfront within 2 hours of lead sale. Hold money for 7 days. Purchasers must provide proof that the data they purchased does not match the lead circumstances. As we do not accept returns unless data is proven incorrect there is no risk of clawbacks if your data is valid and proven. There is a £99 per month portal subscription that is no contract, just top up month to month when you want to advertise. We offer a FREE trial though so you can check it out here at www2.theleadbay.co.uk You can also read our full terms here www.theleadbay.co.uk/terms We look forward to hearing from you!!!!!

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