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ECO3 tool allows you to purchase ECO3 leads hassle free, our 7 day returns policy allows you to check data and prevents you buying fake or manipulated leads.


We have no minimum purchase terms and you can purchase as many or as few leads each month as you like.

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  • Loft Insulation ON & OFF GAS
  • Cavity Insulation ON & OFF GAS
  • Broken GAS Boiler Replacements
  • Gas Boiler & UFI Dual Measures
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The Concept

 If you are a company looking for those quality leads to drive your business forward, or a lead generator struggling to facilitate your clients needs, we've got you covered.


For too many years the gap between lead generators and businesses looking for new clients has been huge. With lead generators sending leads in good faith without receiving payment, or having leads outside of the area the company they work with can service. Whilst companies have had their fingers burned with useless data lists that have been sold more times than your average family home and have had to pay for these useless leads for a set amount of contracted months.


theLeadBay is the solution to this problem allowing each side to trade leads safely and securely, after all both parties are looking for the same outcome.


theLeadBay offers you the opportunity to source and/or sell work with very little risk. Our state of the art data software is designed to ensure all leads pass through stringent vetting before being made available to purchasers. This unique feature coupled with our 14 day verification process and our years of industry knowledge allow you (the user) to buy and sell leads stress free.  

How It Works

We act as an impartial marketplace for you and your business, whether you are selling leads or looking to take on more clients, we can help you.

All of our leads are vetted by our in-house quality assurance team. Drawing from a combined 50 years worth knowledge in the lead generation, quality and processing industries give us a firm footing across all of the sectors we serve. This ensures a standard of work that both safeguards the earnings of the introducer whilst protecting the investment of the purchaser.

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Our international network of lead generators and purchasers, allow us to help you expand your output potential


With our easy to use service you can be buying or selling leads in no time, our software is user friendly and we're with you every step of the way.


As our payments to lead generators are made weekly, you can get paid for your leads fast.


Each lead listed for trade has passed our stringent in house vetting procedure and our team of experts are satisfied it meets the highest quality levels.


Our technical experts are here to help you with any issues you may have whilst using theLeadBay.


With our 7 day holding period for lead fees you can buy safe in the knowledge that you have time to verify your leads.

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  • Unlimited monthly lead purchases
  • Full technical support
  • Listings of all your required leads
  • 7 Day fee holding to verify lead
  • RISK FREE Returns policy for your security


Sign up today, look at all of the amazing benefits you will receive.
  • Unlimited monthly lead uploads
  • Full technical support
  • Listings of all your available leads
  • We receive your money before releasing client data
  • 14 Day payment terms to speed up payment.

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